[Github英語] その方がいいね。もしくは…

Yeah, I think that would be better. Or …

引用元: Normalize testcase format by bterlson · Pull Request #51 · tc39/test262.


[Github英語] レビューで、ここはこうしてくれませんか?と書く時

Could you make this
> “Argument of type ‘{0}’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘{1}”

引用元: Better error messages in function calls. by ahejlsberg · Pull Request #242 · Microsoft/TypeScript.

[Github英語] これは勘違いっぽいのでIssueを閉じるよ

Because this is user error, I am closing this issue.

引用元: Character 冒 U+5192 is wrong · Issue #4 · adobe-fonts/source-han-sans.